17 Jun 2018

Let's talk about Chandel-EAR-ings

Long time no see my fellow fashionistas!
This has mainly been due to my full-on dedication to uni... well jokes aside, I have indeed been very occupied with studying but now that most of my exams are over, I can fully concentrate on this thing called Fashion!

Today I want to introduce you to this micro trend that I've recently taken a liking toward:

Like any other type of accessory, earrings were made to enhance our appearance aka. our outfit. But in my opinion these (sometimes not so) little helpers should be getting a bit more attention than they have so far... latest since this February after Tom Ford's fall collection it has been clear, this year's mantra regarding earrings is: The bigger the better!
Not only will you be top of your class regarding modernness but it will make your daily choice of outfit so much easier. Whatever shirt-trouser combination you go for, a pair of Chandel-ear-ings (yes, this is what they'll be called from this moment on!) will make this otherwise basic combination strikingly chic. Also when facing a heatwave larger than life earrings come in handy as they will opt as an exceptional complément to your messy bun and floral tea dress.
The only downside to these big earrings is that they might feel on your ears, of course we all know the good old expression of beauty costs, but try to find a pair (or more) that both look and treat your earlobes nicely.

While writing this I am sipping my cappuccino proudly wearing my newest acquisition of brown drop-shaped earrings.
Left on my bucket-wish list to snazz up my collection of Chandel-ear-ings are a pair of Paola Vilas - like sculpture earrings. 

And if you don't feel like chandel-ear-ing all the way, a pair of good old classic hoop earrings will do the job!


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