10 Mar 2018

The It Boots you should be wearing now

If you're a fashion gal and love to stay updated on the latest fashion trends, you have most certainly noticed a specific pair of boots pop up on your social media feed.
I'm talking about white ankle boots!
If you like me can't get enough of Camille Charriere or Pernille Teisbaek, you must have spotted these treats for your feet at least a 1000 times this season on their Instagram... 
But as cool as they look on all those Insta pictures, we ask ourselves, how to master this look on a day-to-day basis?
I have the answer to your prayers, for it is quite easy to master this to die for trend!

First you'll have to choose a heel, either block or stiletto. My personal favourite is the block heel because it's more comfortable (so far no flat version has been spotted...) AND adds a touch of cool to your outfit. Also keep in mind: the chunkier the better!
As to what to wear with your white boots there is a wide range of options:

RELAXED OPTION: Think of a pair of straight washed out jeans with a white shirt tucked in and an oversized grey jumper to layer it with. The white boots will be the centre of attention of this super chill outfit!

TRANSITIONAL OPTION: Pair with a pastel (ultra violet to be up front on the trend scale) midi dress or skirt et voila!

HEATWAVE OPTION: If you're planning a trip to anywhere with 20+ degrees and just can't bear the thought of leaving your new booties back, don't despair, I've got your back! All you'll have to do is pair them with a mini skirt and a basic top. For that extra mediterranean feel you can add your favourite basket bag!

MINIMALISTIC OPTION: (This could actually also work as offie wear!) Opt for a head to toe black/ grey/ navy/ beige chino & turtleneck ensemble + a coat and you'll quickly turn into the most fashionable girl in town.

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