14 Jan 2018

Trendforecast 2018 || Here's what all fashion girls will be wearing

Chances are that you've already been trying to gather some ideas and inspiration for what will be en vogue in 2018...
To ensure we’re all ahead of the trends this year, I've made a little list of the main things you're ought to look out for these next few months:

First of all, let's take a moment to reminisce about last years major millennial trend and signature colour millennial pink! You could find it anywhere from coats to totes and even walls! This year it's time to make room for the next up and coming trend colour chosen by Pantone which is:
Ultra Violet
Any shade of purple will do, but the most exquisite choice you could possibly make is lavender. If you're wondering on how to wear this trend, you could either go all in and wear head to toe ultra violet or dress it down by adding your favourite pair of denim.

The next Trend you should try before it starts getting warm again, is the teddy bear Trend, also here there is room for play as you can choose between coats bags, jackets... this new favourite of yours is also extremely easy to wear as you can wear it with your normal winter basics, while looking very fashion forward and being comfortable and warm at the same time!
As for pants, this year might be the first time we completely forget about our beloved skinny jeans and ditch them for straight cut wide leg trousers, which will look extra chique if you opt for floor length models. And please let's not forget about cropped kick flares just yet, it might just be me, but I might have found a new favourite trouser design...

Many other Trends will be dominating the streets of 2018 and these are the ones you have to memorise:

Vintage Florals and Polka Dot Dresses

 BIG Statement Earrings

Conscious Fashion

 Logomania (still going strong!)

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