22 Jan 2018

A 4 Step guide on how to wear Kick Flares

Even though the weather might not be collaborating with us just yet, we are dying to show off our ankles and kick start the new season with some kick flares!
First of all let me introduce this (new) favourite of mine, the cropped (or kick) flare is a modernised version of the 70's favourite flare jeans, which as the name can already tell you is a bit cropped.
How to wear these fashion forward beauties you might ask...?
Well, let me tell you it's very easy and can be learned in only 4 steps:

STEP 1: 
Pair it with a basic blouse, mules and your new favourite ensemble is good to go!
It will really not take much effort to make you stand out when wearing a pair of kick-flare trousers.

STEP 2: 
When in doubt - wear black. This does not only go for Kick Flares, but we all know that the missing part at the end of the legs just makes us look a tad shorter, so if you're worried about looking like a shrunk version of yourself, just wear a black kick flare et voila!

Speaking of the length, not just any length will do, no no, your trousers will have to end right above the ankle!

If you run out of ideas of which shoes to pair with the cropped flare (or don't own mules...) just go for any sort of block-heeled shoe & you'll be good to go.

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