22 Jan 2018

A 4 Step guide on how to wear Kick Flares

Even though the weather might not be collaborating with us just yet, we are dying to show off our ankles and kick start the new season with some kick flares!
First of all let me introduce this (new) favourite of mine, the cropped (or kick) flare is a modernised version of the 70's favourite flare jeans, which as the name can already tell you is a bit cropped.
How to wear these fashion forward beauties you might ask...?
Well, let me tell you it's very easy and can be learned in only 4 steps:

14 Jan 2018

Trendforecast 2018 || Here's what all fashion girls will be wearing

Chances are that you've already been trying to gather some ideas and inspiration for what will be en vogue in 2018...
To ensure we’re all ahead of the trends this year, I've made a little list of the main things you're ought to look out for these next few months:

13 Jan 2018


It's been a while now my dear MBT dwellers, since I last found a little spare time to gander around on these sites...