27 Nov 2017

DOT DOT DOT | Queen B would be proud

This just in. 
Tights (and maybe Tiaras as well) have returned,
without Miss B having it yet discerned...
So what would the queen herself do
just in case you want to pull off this trend too?

First of all you should always remember that tights are an essential in every girls wardrobe once the months turn colder and in order to avoid falling into a winter blues of boring and same looking outfits, there are a few tricks you can follow in order to make your outfits so dashing, that even Blair Waldorf would be jealous.
Before anything else, you'll have to decide which style you're going for, let it be sheer, black,  coloured (bold but SUPER exciting!) or this years favourite patterned tights.
If you're going for one of the first, go for either super basic or sparkly shoes, it's up to you.
On the other hand, if you want your tights to be the upgrade to your outfit you should probably opt for a coloured or patterned version. the best way to pull these off is by keeping the rest rather simple, as for shoes I would suggest you to wear either any sort of Loafer or black boots. 

There you have it, a rather easy way to make your outfit both winter and fashion proof!
Now that you know how, go and rock those tights, that would even make Queen B a little jealous...

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