11 Sep 2017

I have this Thing with Skirts

We wear Jeans to school, we wear Jeans when meeting friends, we wear Jeans when grocery shopping and we sometimes even wear Jeans for work... we probably wear Jeans several days a week... don't get me wrong, I love Jeans, there is no other piece of clothing more versatile and cool than a pair of good old perfect fitting Jeans, but sometimes we just feel the urge to wear something new and exciting. So what about swopping those beloved denims for a skirt,
New? In a way... Exciting? Definitely!
I mean let's face it, exactly how many times a week do we wear a skirt? However, we all know (and love) the classic Mini-Skirt, which I think has been discussed enough times (more about how to wear those this Fall in my next Post!!), so the style we should be embracing next is the Midi-Skirt, as seen at Balenciaga, Dior & Sacai. There are many ways you can execute this style, the easiest and real-life-appropriate way would be to pair it with  a Graphic-Tee or Button Down Blouse & sneakers/ courts;
 another way would be to opt for a pair of thigh-high boots (so hot right now) and wear them under your skirt, this will not only keep you warm during cold Autumn days but will also make you the trendiest in town! 
So now that we all are in know let's go and bring this trend to life!

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