22 Sep 2017

A Check(ed) List on how to wear this seasons Go-To Pattern

Ever since last Spring when we got to see all the up and coming trends of this years autumn/ winter, I was having a small bet with myself, that checked-pattern was to become a huge thing! Now that Autumn has sneaked its way into our lives, I can absolutely rectify my statement:


At least for this season... No doubt you've already spotted a coat (or two) and a fair amount of checked trousers among your favourite fashion inspirations, but the attentive among you already did so last April, when seeing Bella Hadid wearing head-to-toe checked while walking for Off-White or those coats at Nina Ricci, that where to die for... no matter how you you got to know, now you do and you should not miss out on this trend, because in my opinion this otherwise classic and "boring" associated pattern, has not yet received the attention it's ought to receive!
But HOW are we supposed to master this Clueless meets Holmes trend, without ending up  -no offence- looking like a Uni professor? 
It's easy, all you have to do is decide if you want to go subtle or all in; for the subtle way opt for a pair of checked trousers, top or (preferably) a coat, that you pair with neutral tones like dark blue, beige, olive, white or black. For the "all in" look you should pair a checked blazer & skirt or suit.
So my cue to you is to ride on the coattail of this (coat-) trend (pun heavily intended) to achieve a maximum of coolness this fall!

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