14 Aug 2017

This is what you should wear if you hate shorts | Cartagena

Some people prefer ketchup on top of their fries, other on the side, some people wake up and start their day after one alarm, while others need one every five minutes to actually make it out of bed. There are two types of people in everything, so evidently there are some decisions (fashion wise) that have to be made, like do you love or hate shorts?

Honestly I would guess that most would answer this with -love- but there are surprisingly some girls out there, that do not like wearing shorts.
So Ladies, if you don't like wearing cut-offs, or just feel like you need some change in your wardrobe, this Post is for you :
The Dress/ Playsuit I am wearing in this Post. At first it looks like a dress but if you take a closer look you'll discover that it's actually a Playsuit! 
With this feel-good-summer Outfit I promise, you'll never be wrong.

Just a quick update on my whereabouts, I am currently in Colombia with two friends. It's such a beautiful country, which you should definitely visit if you haven't been yet. 
All those rumours and the prejudice of it being a dangerous country might still be true in some parts, but so far we haven't encountered any! Everyone has been extremely kind and hospitable. So if you've been thinking about where to go on your next vacation, VISIT COLOMBIA!

Play Suit - H&M
Bag - made by me

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