21 Aug 2017

LIFE UPDATE: Moving Out & University | VS Outfit Inspo

One year ago, I was mentally preparing to kick start my gap year with my friends in Bordeaux, flash forward and I am sitting in my Room in Maastricht ready to begin my Introduction week...
I can't really believe, that I am about to start University in a couple of days and that I am going to be living in my own place from now on! I've also started to decorate the room and it's really turning out just as I wanted it to look, so you will soon be over rolled by detail shots and room tour pictures ( I apologize for that :) )
In my last Life Update Post I told you that I was going to spend my summer working in Norway, which I did, except for another stop before coming here, which I told you a little about in my last Post (here). I went to Colombia with my friends, where we stayed in Bogota and visited the Guvaiare Jungle, Cartagena and the National Park of Chingaza (updates & pictures coming shortly!). 

But let me tell you a little about this outfit, for quite a while now I've been seeing this one particular choice of outfit plopping up on the Victoria's Secret Angels Instagram account: pale Mom Jeans-ish pants, a see-trough mesh top (preferably silver or black) and a very visible black Bustier.
I loved this Outfit from the first time that I saw it, but would never have imagined that it would look cool on us "normal mortals" but then just tried it and it looked surprisingly good, without being too revealing.
So now you know what to wear the next time you're looking for a 24/7 outfit that can be worn to lunch, daily errands and drinks in the evening! If you want to add an extra touch of coolness, wear a sailor hat (like this one)

- X, Maria

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