28 Aug 2017

Dernières Nouvelles: This Hat will become your new Best-Fall-Friend

You know how Fall is the time, when we need to start covering up with layers of clothes... well I totally understand that most people might not be completely intrigued by this idea, but let me tell you one thing that might brighten things up a little for you! There is a "new" hat Trend that slowly, but surely made it's way up, to become one of this years Autumn/Winter MUST WEAR pieces:

 I'm talking about the newsboy cap or military cap!
As the fashionable mademoiselles that you all are, you've all spotted this trend already (or even been wearing it all summer long...), and are desperately waiting to show off your amazing combinations of this super-hat with your fall outfits!
So while you're waiting or (even better) looking for inspiration, let me show you a few tips and tricks to make this versatile piece look even better.
For a relaxed Model-off-Duty version you can wear the hat with a simple white T-Shirt, a pair of Mom Jeans, Ankle Boots and a Crossover Bag - true this does not sound particularly exciting, but trust me less is more absolutely applies to this!
Another way of wearing this hat is by combining it with a dress (like you can see in this post) to add a cool-boyish touch to a rather feminine outfit.
So if you too want to add this super fashionable accessory, that could be spotted everywhere from Chanel to Marc Jacobs during A/W17 FW, to your fall wardrobe you won't even have to pay that much, I personally got mine at a Vintage Store which next to all the Designer Versions is the only one I have seen so far, so if you're looking for a not so expensive version you should definitely check out your favourite Vintage-Spots or ask your Grandparents if they might have one :)

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