10 Aug 2017

6 Facts you need to Know about Mules

As Coco Chanel once said "A Woman with good Shoes is never ugly"and she couldn't have been more right! We all know that by adding a pair of dashing shoes your otherwise innocuous Outfit can be turned from Cinderella to the unknown Beauty with the Glass Slippers. So that's why I'm introducing you to MULES, which are officially this Summers coolest-must-wear Shoes!

Many people are not able to see the enchanting power that these Shoes bring, which is why I want to make you realise that even Cinderella would swap her Glass Slipper out for a pair of Mules (who knows, maybe the Glass Slipper was actually Mule Shaped...) 
 So here are six facts you need to know about these enchanting Slippers:

ONE: Mule is French for Slipper or Slide

TWO: These Shoes are open in the back and come with all sorts of heel height (in 2017 the heel should be mid-high -kitten- heeled)

THREE: The Mule is not a New Comer it has been on and off the radar ever since the 18th century and received it's dominant spot in the fashion world in the 90's

FOUR: Even though hated among the majority of people ("fear of falling out of them"), they are secretly disguised geniuses, as they will never give you blisters!

FIVE: A Mule is as versatile as a Shoe can get, you can wear them on just about every occasion considering that they are professional enough for the office and still laid-back and fashion forward enough to be worn during your time-off.

SIX: They are really easy to style as their often silky or velvet texture will make the centre point of your Outfit, all you need to add are some basic tops and bottoms.

Intrigued yet? Now the next time someone laughs about your choice of shoe just walk along gracefully knowing you'll be looking as fashionable as it can get!

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