20 Jul 2017

Alien Sunnies & Wrap Dresses

You might recall that Gucci released a variation of short videos this spring, showing Aliens and other extraterrestrial creatures wearing their "out of the world clothes". And if there is one thing we've learned in the past few seasons it's that if someone has the power of starting a new Trend it must be Gucci (think of the recently hyped Gucci-Shirt or the Gucci Loafer....need I say more?).

But have we seen this Trend evolve in the rest of fashion-world? Definitely, Brands like Saint Laurent and Chanel have also predicted the rise of extraterrestrial Fashion with Silver Boots reminding us of Astronaut Fashion.
So what do we do when looking for #ootd inspiration on how to showcase THE latest trends? Exactly, we take a tour through social media world, and being the fashion forward girls I know you are, you have already noticed the overflowing amount of white Alien-Sunglasses. Right now these sunnies are probably already in your shopping cart waiting for you to hit "buy" or safely resting in you straw basket-bag wanting you to wear them ASAP, while you are thinking about how to add a touch of summer to this "Out of the World Trend". This is when we come to the second trend you should not miss out on this summer and as a bonus looks absolument parfait when paired with your Alien Sunnies, I'm talking about breezy floral wrap dresses! These easy-peasy to wear & über cool dresses have also most definitely caught your eye lately and will not only up your fashion game but also make you feel like you're consistently vacationing in Côte d´Azur. Your flowery (preferably ruffled) dress can be worn with simple accessories such as Espadrilles, gold necklaces and most importantly: Alien Sunnies :)
So now that it's settled go release those Sunglasses from your basket bag and put on your new summer Uniform!


-X, Maria

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