28 Jul 2017

I Can't Stop Wearing these Pants (And Neither Should You)

It’s a meaningful stamp of approval (and sign of well-spent money) when you can't stop wearing that one item that you recently bought. I have just that feeling with these Leather Kick Flares I bought -not so recently- at a Vintage Shop in Rotterdam (full story here). 

As we're currently experiencing a rather cold #scandisummer, Pants & Shirt Uniforms have pretty much become the norm, so to add a small touch of (fashion-) fun I've really come to appreciate the existence of Kick-Flares, as they will most literally Kick your Outfit from an 8- to 10/10! Not only that but these pants are as versatile as it can get, pair them with a simple Shirt, basket Bag and platform Sandals for a modern looking Brunch-with-the-girls- Outfit, with a Blazer and Button down for the Office and for a night out all you need to add is a pair of heels and maybe a fun Jacket to give it a twist.
A Match made in heaven I would say...
So what is your current go-to pair of pants?

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