10 Jul 2017

How to master Scandinavian Minimalism | #Scandisummer

There's one thing that connects most women on this planet and that is the full dedication on following/ excelling at French-Girl-Style. Wether you are total fan of this or rather feel like this is absolument passé (except if you're actually French), like every new Season, it's time to move on and find a new spring of fashion-inspiration! 
And this, my dear friends is one region that I'm particularly happy about being "on Trend" right now, as it's one of my homes and it's a style, I've been into for so long. The attentive reader might already have guessed it, the new region you should be looking for inspiration is: Scandinavia.
There's no other place where you'll find cooler, more polished & a sort of tom-boyish but most of all Minimal Style, than in Scandinavia (by which I mean Norway, Sweden & Denmark). While each and every country shows it's strength in one fashion-direction, with Danes being a being the risk-takers, Norwegians the glamorous and Swedes the Minimal ones, they kind of mix together and form a wonderful Fashion-Genre.
Now you're probably asking yourself: "how can I master this look?", let me tell you, it's not that difficult, first of all you should keep in mind, that Scandis tend to dress rather laid back while  managing to look sophisticated at the same time, so from now on Basics & Layers will be your new best friends. The key pieces that you'll need are a Coat (either camel, black, grey or navy blue), a selection of cool knitwear to keep those long dark winter months interesting & pair of well fitting Jeans (preferably straight/ Mom cut) or any other type of straight cut trousers. My personal favourite Scandi-Style girls are Pernille Teisbaek & Emili Sindlev, whose Instagrams and Blogs you should definitely stalk, after checking this #scandifashion (and all my other #scandisummer Looks on Instagram) Outfit in todays post, that I was wearing in Bergen lat week. So now instead of a sneaky little reference en français at the end I'll just say "Lykke til" with the Styling.

-X, Maria

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