25 Jul 2017

Gingham-ing all Year Round

As much as we would love for summer to last forever, it unfortunately will come to an end sooner rather than later... but before we start falling into a heartbreaking Summertime Sadness, there is one thing we can already start looking forward to, and that is Fall Fashion! I also have some very good news for all of the hopeless-summer-lovers out there, because there is one of our very favourite Summer Trends that can easily be transitioned to colder days.
So don't pack away your summer clothes just yet !

The Trend I mean is the one that has exploded since the Resort 2017 season and has ever since gladly made it's way into our wardrobes: GINGHAM.
We all love our flattering Gingham crop Tops & ├╝ber-modern Vichy skirts, but how could we wear this when the temperatures start dropping?
There are two ways: 
Number One is rather obvious but still a favourite of mine, Layering. Just think of how cool that Gingham skirt would look with a thick jumper tucked in on the front (Instaspiration)? 
Number two is to wear Gingham-trousers... just a easy as that! To make it even more Fall appropriate you could try and pair it with a tailored suit blazer, which will be a major Trend this Fall/ Winter (you heard it here first!!!!)
So now that we have something grand to look forward to this Fall we can all go relax by the pool and appreciate the fact that it's still July and there is still plenty of Summer left for us :) 

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