20 Jun 2017

Your old Sweatshirt definitely deserves a Second Chance

It is a truth universally acknowledged that hoodies are a strong remainder of schlubby, snooze button-stay at home kinda days... well if we take a closer look at the most recent fashion shows we'll quickly notice that cozy apparel has become cool and has therefore been given the sophisticated name
"athleisure". This (not so very new) change in fashion has opened up a whole new way of looking at our wardrobes for us and is in fact one of the most comfortable "on trend" things you could choose to wear right now. So remove those ideas of greasy-haired Netflix binging days you have associated with hoodies and start this whole new journey of the fashionable hoodie by for example juxtaposing it with a feminine skirt and heels or going for a sporty look by pairing it with a pair of modern track pants. You could even layer it under a dress, which would make the perfect outfit for a chilly summer evening. You see, everything is possible with this surprisingly versatile piece. What a time to be alive!


-X, Maria

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