12 Jun 2017

Wrap it up please | The Crossover Blouse

If your fashion pals have been dropping the word "wrap" in their latest conversations and that only left you wondering, if they were showing off their nutritional knowledge about the latest Superfood, then let me tell you, they have definitely not been referring to a new culinary experience, but much more talking about something COMPLETELY different: the Crossover Wrap Blouse!

First it was the lace up Blouse, then came the Off-Shoulder Blouse and guess what, this year it's the Crossover Wrap Blouse that's going to go viral in among Street Style passionates.
What I love about this design, is that you can look dashing on a daily basis and define your waistline in a subtle but still noticeable way. 
And as a plus you'll even be able to tick off two Trends at once, by purchasing one of these wrap blouses with Gingham pattern.
So if you (just like me) were pretty much obsessing about off shoulder blouses this time last year, you should definitely consider adding one of these to your collection.
Wrapping will actually be a big thing in all things fashion this year, so if you're not really looking for a blouse just go for a wrap dress to add a Mediterranean-flair to your city-chique Outfit.
And for waterproof evidence of this being the next big thing, just check out your favourite Insta-Blogger's Feed or the Spring 2017 RTW Shows of Off-White, Attico or ADEAM.




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