1 Jun 2017

The Shoes We Should All Be Wearing Right Now

If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair...or so they say... but today we'll not be talking about this beautiful city, but much more about shoes, because what woman does not love shoes?!? 
We love them, we desire them & we buy them (sometimes too many) and there are so many to choose from: flats, heels, sneakers, pumps, espadrilles, stilettos, wedges... but there is one specific type of shoe, women are quite ambivalent about...

No, I'm not talking about Birkenstocks (we all know, they are comfortable as hell but not street-wear appropriate). No I'm talking about a classic shoe that has been a favourite among many Fashion Giants, like Emmanuelle Alt, Audrey Hepburn & Alexa Chung just to name a few. 
Well you might already have guessed it, I'm talking about Kitten Heels!
For many years this classic shoe had been almost completely forgotten about and was labeled as a snobby shoe that only a politicians wife could wear, until we spotted quite a few ladies from our favourite Fashion-Country, France, acing their typical je ne sais quoi Outfits with Kitten Heels ?!? But why is this so shocking? 
I recently read an article, where several women were asked on their personal opinion on kitten heels -'kitten heels are the mullet of shoes.' The problem is that all they are is comfortable, while doing nothing to lengthen the leg- with the first part, I absolutely agree, you'll never come across a type of heeled shoe that is more comfortable, than a Kitten Heel but with the second statement I could not disagree more! Of course a 10cm Heel will make your legs look miles longer, but Kitten Heels, though short will definitely do their duty and make you feel like a hard-core modern fashionista. 
And haven't we all learned at least one thing of it-Labels like Vetements or Off-White: Todays Fashion is about experimenting and discovering new shapes and styles, that make YOU FEEL and look fabulous.  If you don't believe me check out Dior's latest design on sling-back Kitten Heels, that have been going viral amidst Insta-Bloggers. So in conclusion I think we should all give those über feminine Kitten Heels another Chance this Season!

If you don't know how to wear them, stick to one simple rule: keep it simple!
These heels are statement enough, so let them be the shining star of your Outfit ;)
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-X, Maria

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