27 Jun 2017

The most EXTRA Top you could possibly Wear

Just think of being in posession of the one thing that could give your daily Boomerang that extra Extra, hailing a Taxi would just get so much more exciting and recieve an extra touch of drama. And don't even let me get started how extremely breathtaking it will look every time you sing something...
by now you've probably guessed it, I'm talking about Bell-Sleeves. So now that we've stated just a few of the triumphant side benefits, let's get to talk about the real deal, the real allure of Bell-Sleeved Tops:
They are Fashion Forward, modern, en-vogue... call it what you want, but if you want to stick out in the most fashionable way possible, you should definetly consider to turn your sleeves into the highlight of your Outfit.
And that's not even all, you'll get to wear your new best friend 24/7, wear it with realxed Jeans during Lunch and Coffee dates with your pals, pair it with a pair of Office Trousers, to create a breathtaking Work-Outfit or opt for a Dress with Bell-Sleeves for a summery take on the look!

-X, Maria

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