6 Jun 2017

How a Gap Year changed my Style | Trondheim

As you all know, I'm currently doing a gap year, before going to University. What you also probably know, is that I've been traveling a lot this last year, first Norway then France, Tokyo, Mexico, The Netherlands, San Francisco and now Norway again... and during all this travelling back and forth something happened to me, which might actually happen to most of you when you go on holiday or travel anywhere: you suddenly start to dress differently!

While exploring new places and cultures, we get inspired to wear things in a whole new different way or even get to discover something completely unknown. 
When traveling to France, of course all of us are dying to find out the mysterious secret behind the French effortlessness ( more here ) and when visiting Latin America (especially Mexico ;)) we crave to adapt that bright and colourful cheerfulness to our personal style, while getting to know a rather minimalistic view when exploring Scandinavia...
All of these impressions, have slowly but definitely surely changed my personal style. And not only that, but I feel, that it has also helped me evolve and mature..!?
So what I am basically trying to tell you, is that the most important thing in fashion is to be confident and to believe in yourself, because let's be honest, a simple Jeans & T-shirt Outfit looks a billion times more appealing on someone who feels confident and happy with themselves... so next to all those different ideas & inspirations I took with me from all those places, the probably most important thing was, that confidence and a smile can turn your 5/10 Outfit into a 10/10 immediately!

-X, Maria

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