27 Jun 2017

The most EXTRA Top you could possibly Wear

Just think of being in posession of the one thing that could give your daily Boomerang that extra Extra, hailing a Taxi would just get so much more exciting and recieve an extra touch of drama. And don't even let me get started how extremely breathtaking it will look every time you sing something...

20 Jun 2017

Your old Sweatshirt definitely deserves a Second Chance

It is a truth universally acknowledged that hoodies are a strong remainder of schlubby, snooze button-stay at home kinda days... well if we take a closer look at the most recent fashion shows we'll quickly notice that cozy apparel has become cool and has therefore been given the sophisticated name

12 Jun 2017

Wrap it up please | The Crossover Blouse

If your fashion pals have been dropping the word "wrap" in their latest conversations and that only left you wondering, if they were showing off their nutritional knowledge about the latest Superfood, then let me tell you, they have definitely not been referring to a new culinary experience, but much more talking about something COMPLETELY different: the Crossover Wrap Blouse!

9 Jun 2017

Airport Outfits | Fly in Style

What should I wear?!?! Yes, this is one of the most asked questions on a daily basis ... but what about when you're about to take a plane? 

6 Jun 2017

How a Gap Year changed my Style | Trondheim

As you all know, I'm currently doing a gap year, before going to University. What you also probably know, is that I've been traveling a lot this last year, first Norway then France, Tokyo, Mexico, The Netherlands, San Francisco and now Norway again... and during all this travelling back and forth something happened to me, which might actually happen to most of you when you go on holiday or travel anywhere: you suddenly start to dress differently!

1 Jun 2017

The Shoes We Should All Be Wearing Right Now

If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair...or so they say... but today we'll not be talking about this beautiful city, but much more about shoes, because what woman does not love shoes?!? 
We love them, we desire them & we buy them (sometimes too many) and there are so many to choose from: flats, heels, sneakers, pumps, espadrilles, stilettos, wedges... but there is one specific type of shoe, women are quite ambivalent about...