15 May 2017


On some days our inner fashion guru really does show off on its best side and lets us create the coolest combinations and styles ever. But then there is always the question of accessorising... is it necessary? is it too much? or too little? Well there is one item you can always count on, that will get you out of this dilemma:


And I'm not referring to that oh-so daring chips bag hidden in the back of your kitchen cupboard...no, what I mean is a High Fashion design, no one should be missing out on this season.
They act as their own accessory, so there's no need to trot out your jewels. You won't even have to settle for one item, you can either go for a ruffled blouse (like I did in this post), opt for a ruffled dress or decide to wear a ruffle hem trouser...no matter what you go for, your outfit will look unquestionably dramatic in a very modern way, and let's be honest, what better way to expose the hidden drama queen that lays in all of us!
Also remember how I told you earlier this season, that ruffles where going to be huge this year (here), well this is your proof, and if that's not enough, head over and check out the Runways of Chloe, Balenziaga or Gucci, jus to name a few.


-X, Maria

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