11 May 2017

Picnic Blanket turned über Trend | Gingham

Gingham here Vichy there... if you haven't heard someone talking about this or at least seen it on one of your Insta-Feed-Stalking Sessions, then you've really been living under a rock!

We all remember Miranda's quote from the devil wears Prada where she makes fun of florals being "Groundbreaking" for spring, well if you agree with her, then here is your Spring/ Summer 2017 alternative print (which btw was approved by no one less than Anna Wintour herself)
So far we love it, there's only one slight thing to keep in mind, we absolutely don't want to look like a wandering picnic blanket...well let me tell you one thing, the easiest way to look cool in gingham is to actually fully embrace the picnic style with basket bag and all that comes with it! Sounds a bit odd? In todays Outfit I'm wearing head to toe gingham and paired it with a basket bag (your second summer must have this year!), which does not look corny but gives your outfit a touch of modern "preppiness".
Another way to embrace this Gingham/ Vichy trend is to pair a blouse in this pattern with a pair of high waisted jeans or shorts.
No matter how, but be sure not to miss out on this summer-fashion-fad!

What I was wearing:

And remember, this year Vichy/ Gingham is your new florals for Spring!

-X, Maria

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