21 May 2017

DO or DON'T: Matching Accessories to your Outfit

Every day when it's time to get dressed and start handling that packed (or not so much packed) lift of things to do, I look down at my outfit and think of which shoes, jacket, hat ... to wear. Then my inner me starts reflecting upon wether or not to go for matching colours of outfit & accessories?
Normally we would totally jump at this idea and be terrified to end up looking like Britney and Justin back in 2001... totally iconic but NOT worth copying!
So is this historical fashion faux pas hint enough for us to stay away from matching our accessories colours to our outfit? 
-Definitely NOT
To me it seems like it's the best way to round up an outfit by creating an equalness between the centre points, without ever overdoing it of course (beware of the Britney-Justin effect). So the best way for you to master this tricky fashion riddle is to simply choose one item that will be the centre of your whole outfit, in my case that was the red leather Jacket. Then you just add one (or more) colour matching accessory(ies) to flatter your star of the day and done. One thing you should remember is that this little style inducing trick especially applies to bright colours like red or yellow, which are commonly more difficult to style than for example nudes or black tones. Because let's be honest, we've all been through that phase when wearing head to toe (insert colour of choice) was the coolest thing ever and should know by now that wearing matching shoes and bags to that outfit is an absolute MUST do.


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