22 May 2017

Life Update | Next Stop San Francisco

While you are reading this I am probably somewhere flying above the Atlantic ocean sitting between sleeping beauties and sleepless movie junkies (myself being one of the latter). 
Next Stop: 
I'm travelling there with my mom, who is travelling for work, so we will only stay this week. I'm super excited and will definitely be telling you more about it in my future posts!
But let me tell you what else has been and will be going on in my life.
As I told you in my last life update I started an Internship at the fashion magazine Fizzy Mag which I started right after coming home from Mexico and have been doing up until last week. It was such a great experience, to be surrounded by fashion and people who are interested in it this whole time and also to be able to spend my time with what I love, was really so much fun! 
But let's get back to my current plans, after my week in San Francisco :) because then I'm headed to Norway, where I'll spend my summer and work at the museum just like last year. 
After that I'm going to start this whole new chapter of my life, which I'm pretty ecstatic about: UNIVERSITY
The time I've been waiting on this whole year has finally come, and what I'm even more happy about is the fact that I got accepted at my dream University, Maastricht :)
So from this autumn on you'll be seeing me biking around the south of the Netherlands definitely wearing some clogs now and then ;)

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