2 May 2017

Spring Is Here And So Is Your New Go-To Trend

After our very much deserved bank holiday, we're now striving to think of how to create new stylings with our old clothes without wearing the same ensemble over and over again... well let me tell you this little styling secret basically anyone can add to their daily #ootd's without buying anything new, while even looking as fashion forward as it gets!!
 The reason why you should be embracing this literal version of the off-shoulder-blouse is, that first of all it will not cost you a single penny, it will definitely be one of the most popular trends this spring/ summer and you will look strikingly sexy in a very unexpected way.
All you need for this up and coming trend is your favourite button up blouse (preferably an oversized one!).
But how does me wearing my classic button up make a huge fashion difference, you might be thinking...well you'll have to apply a few of those hidden DIY skills, by folding down the neck-line to the inside. When wearing it, only button up the 3-4 lowest buttons and let the sleeves fall down your arms.
And that's practically all you have to do to achieve this fast approaching uber-street-style-trend.
Your Welcome!


Button Up (similar)

-X, Maria

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