24 Apr 2017

When in Amsterdam || Vintage Shopping

Amsterdam...need I say more? It's such a beautiful city...if you've been following me on social media you might have gotten a glimpse of my short get-away to the Netherlands. The intention was actually to visit a university (in Rotterdam) but on the way back home, we thought we might as well make a quick stop in Amsterdam, which we did (for about 3 hours) and it was totally worth it! So what do you do, in one of the most famous and visited cities IN THE WORLD, when you only have three freaking hours?!? 

Walk, that's the best advise I can give you, loose yourself in those numerous streets in the south-west side of town, right next to canals, filled with unique boutiques and cafes and on top of that is almost tourist-mass free! 
However my main topic today will not be Amsterdam, because I want to tell you about this shop I found in Rotterdam, which proved to be the best vintage shop in the entire world! They had everything a girl (and boy) could dream of, from Levi's Jeans to Military Jackets and on to grandpa-like checked blazers... and to make this utopian imagination complete, the prices were surprisingly low (one Levi's Jeans was about 15 Euros). As you know me, I ended up wanting to buy the entire store, but had to hold myself back and took home three incredible pieces, which were a vintage Levi's, a military hat and these amazing leather culottes. 
Now you might ask yourselves what this fashion-fairytale-like place is called (because you might end up strolling through the streets of Rotterdam one day or another...), well let me tell you this little secret, it's: Cheap Fashion.
And even though you might not get the chance to travel as far as the Netherlands, there are many other places to get yourself a leather culotte. In my opinion the culotte is the perfect trouser for those of you trying to embrace the loose-fitted style while turning away form skinny jeans, especially because it will give every single basic outfit an instant modern twist!

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