17 Apr 2017

The modern Cinderella | Here's why every girl should own a pair of silver boots

Thousands of girls are currently dancing around in the desert wearing denim cut-offs and see through dresses at Coachella, while it's still coat and boots kinda whether over here in Europe... I don't know about you but I can't really wait to walk out the house every morning without having to wear a warm enough jumper or remember to put on a scarf! Well I guess those days aren't very far, which is why
I wanted to show you this fail proof spring outfit, which consists of a pair of mom-jeans, a basic white turtleneck top, a statement jacket/ blazer & a pair of silver boots, put them together and what have you got? A Bibbidi-bobbidi-beautiful outfit to kick-off spring this year the right way. While we're at it, as the fashion enthusiasts I know you all are, you've probably spotted a wide range of silver booties appearing around you! For instance those oh-so-chic silver-sock boots that immediately sold out on Topshop & Zara (here), and I totally get why! Aren't we all sometimes in the need of a little mood lifter? And what better way to do so, than adding a little bit of sparkly shine to your day. Another pro you can add to your list would be that they'll turn your basic outfit into a fairytale-perfect ootd tout de suite! So for all the modern Cinderella's out there, don't loose this shoe trend, because it's definitely here to stay!


-X, Maria

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