11 Apr 2017

The H&M Blouse everyone is going crazy about

Every season there is at least one High-Street item, that creates a fashion-hysteria almost worldwide! And of course we would normally prefer to wear that specific item before everyone else has it and that very special statement piece of yours becomes a mainstream street-style uniform...
 like last spring, remember That Coat? That oh-so-lovely blue Zara coat (which btw earned itself a very own Instagram account here!), those comfy grey horseback-riding-inspired Zara Leggings EVERYONE was wearing in 2012 or the Zara Leather Jacket, just to name a few. Well this year it's not a piece by Zara everyone is (and will) be going crazy about, but by H&M. This pepto-bismol pink blouse is your spring 2017 Must-buy, and I'm telling you this now, move fast because it's selling out!!!! There is also a baby blue version of this amazing statement making volant blouse, which you can buy online & in-store. But why is this blouse getting so much Insta & street style -fame, you might ask? Well first of all because of the current ruffle love, everyone is wearing ruffle as often and much as possible (for proof check your social media feed!) and second, it's a win-win buy, because you won't spend that much money while receiving an awesome statement piece with an eye-catching colour and design.
So what are you waiting for? Let the shopping begin!


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-X, Maria

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