29 Apr 2017

Jeans & T-Shirt never looked better

I have started to loose track of how many Jeans I actually own, but show me one and I'll have a story/ memory to tell about it! Which makes it even funnier, that I didn't own one single Levi's Jeans (OMG, she's got a Blog but no Levi's Jeans?!?!), shocking,
I know, but it wasn't until recently that I found these amazing Vintage Levi's and had to buy them immediately after trying them on! To be honest, I've wanted a pair of Vintage Levi's for a very long time, but never really found THE one until now. Of course the brand has earned a lot of attention through influencers lately, but the main reason that people are wearing it, is definitely the quality and the fact, that it's an all time denim classic (did you know it was first established in 1853?).

This outfit I'm wearing in today's Post is what I would call a perfect weekend outfit, even though it's just your classic go to Jeans & T-Shirt, which you should never ever underestimate, it receives a chic update thanks to the coat and the boots. One more plus, that this outfit brings, is that you can totally transition it to going-out-wear à la française, by switching into a pair of nice heels! And if you're more of a flats fan, you can easily swap those boots for sneakers or less heeled boots.
With this in mind you can fashionably waltz into the weekend with less effort than ever!


-X, Maria

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