3 Apr 2017

How to wear your Jeans the right way

If you had a look at this seasons Fashion Week Street Style, you most probably noticed one particular thing, how everyone was wearing their favourite jeans...with a dress on top!?!?
 This might seem all fun, fashion forward but not at all everyday-casual-wear adaptable... well you'll definitely have to rethink this one, because by following a few simple rules it can be the most interesting way to invigorate your favourite pair of jeans! First of all you should definitely opt for straight-cut cropped jeans (avoid too skinny or bulky trousers!), to create a  flattering figure. Second, if you have a dress with a wide, dramatic slit, which you never knew when and where to wear, this is the moment of making it shine! This way your entire Jean will be exposed and your legs will look strikingly long.
The next tip, is to use your transparent sheer dress on top of your trousers (as seen in these pictures), which on it's own might seem over-the-top as daytime wear, but layered over your jeans turns out as the perfect city stroller outfit.

All in all this way, this proofs that jeans are capable of EVERYTHING, even turning your evening dress daytime-appropriate!

 What I was wearing:

Lace Bra
(similar) Sheer Dress

my favourite dress-layer alternatives:

-X, Maria

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