8 Apr 2017

How to wear Leo-Print like a Pro

For girls, who are ready to get their claws into the new season, the question of whether or not to wear leo-print is pretty crucial! Is it still on trend, or how do London girls master the look without looking cheep? might be some of the thoughts running around your mind...
so first of all, let me tell you, leo-print (when worn the right way) will NEVER be out of trend, it's become a classic among the fashion-forward crowd. Why? Because it always works and in an intriguingly effortless way too! 
But now our last big question is How to wear it? One fail-safe way is to wear head-to-toe black and wearing a leopard coat on top of it. If you're very shy, you could always go for the soft way with a pair of leo-print shoes or a belt. Anyhow, what if you're feeling a little more daring and want to go all wild-cat? Then you could try blocking the print with one or two other completely different ones (for advanced girls only!) or you could make a style-clash by pairing it with something super sporty like a Logo Tee and Sneakers.
No matter which way you choose, you'll instantly add that particular London-coolness to your outfit making it a definite 10/10.


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