1 Apr 2017

Beret avec some Ruffles s'il vous plaît

If there's a country we all love to draw fashion-inspiration from it has to be France! Who does not dream of looking as effortlessly dressed as the french mademoiselles do with that special je ne sais quoi ?
So here I have yet another french-inspired outfit for you!

One item that just screams vive la France, has to be the Beret Hat. I haven't used one since seventh grade (I used to be a huge fan!) and now I'm totally getting the vibe again! 
The centre of this outfit definitely lies on the Ruffle-Trousers, which might not be typically French, but I can totally imagine myself wearing these while walking down the streets of Paris, occasionally stopping at a cafe to have a sip of a café au-lait while reading a book... 
Nevertheless, this is THE item to wear this season, as ruffles just get bigger and bigger I suggest you to take it to the next level and add them to your leg wear. This way your pretty casual outfit will gain a huge amount of dashing je ne sais quoi :)


What I was wearing:

Bag (similar)

-X, Maria

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