29 Apr 2017

Jeans & T-Shirt never looked better

I have started to loose track of how many Jeans I actually own, but show me one and I'll have a story/ memory to tell about it! Which makes it even funnier, that I didn't own one single Levi's Jeans (OMG, she's got a Blog but no Levi's Jeans?!?!), shocking,

24 Apr 2017

When in Amsterdam || Vintage Shopping

Amsterdam...need I say more? It's such a beautiful city...if you've been following me on social media you might have gotten a glimpse of my short get-away to the Netherlands. The intention was actually to visit a university (in Rotterdam) but on the way back home, we thought we might as well make a quick stop in Amsterdam, which we did (for about 3 hours) and it was totally worth it! So what do you do, in one of the most famous and visited cities IN THE WORLD, when you only have three freaking hours?!? 

17 Apr 2017

The modern Cinderella | Here's why every girl should own a pair of silver boots

Thousands of girls are currently dancing around in the desert wearing denim cut-offs and see through dresses at Coachella, while it's still coat and boots kinda whether over here in Europe... I don't know about you but I can't really wait to walk out the house every morning without having to wear a warm enough jumper or remember to put on a scarf! Well I guess those days aren't very far, which is why

11 Apr 2017

The H&M Blouse everyone is going crazy about

Every season there is at least one High-Street item, that creates a fashion-hysteria almost worldwide! And of course we would normally prefer to wear that specific item before everyone else has it and that very special statement piece of yours becomes a mainstream street-style uniform...

8 Apr 2017

How to wear Leo-Print like a Pro

For girls, who are ready to get their claws into the new season, the question of whether or not to wear leo-print is pretty crucial! Is it still on trend, or how do London girls master the look without looking cheep? might be some of the thoughts running around your mind...

3 Apr 2017

How to wear your Jeans the right way

If you had a look at this seasons Fashion Week Street Style, you most probably noticed one particular thing, how everyone was wearing their favourite jeans...with a dress on top!?!?

1 Apr 2017

Beret avec some Ruffles s'il vous plaît

If there's a country we all love to draw fashion-inspiration from it has to be France! Who does not dream of looking as effortlessly dressed as the french mademoiselles do with that special je ne sais quoi ?
So here I have yet another french-inspired outfit for you!