15 Mar 2017

The 2017 way of wearing Leggings | Fuseau Trousers

You know how I always tell you about trends that have been dominating social media and street style? Well this one is a "Trend", which has scarcely appeared on any of those.
Personally I have spotted it once or twice, but let me tell you: The Fuseau Trouser is to become huge! So hurry and wear it before everyone else does!!! I mean it's the perfect way to make the good old Leggings special, modern and approachable to people (myself included) who are normally against this whole "wear your Leggings in public instead of trousers" style. Because this little strap actually changes it completely. 
Now you might say, that this is a +10° spring proof item only, well like I always tell you, you can wear your most beloved summer items all year long, as long as you layer them, all you have to do is find a pair of cool socks (colourful, sparkly, fishnet...) to keep your feet from freezing, while wearing your new ski inspired strap Leggings.
Other than that you can style these leggings just the same way as you would do your skinny black jeans or "normal" Leggings! The only and most important thing to have in mind is that it's a MUST to wear killer shoes, to really pull off this trend. My favourites to add to these Leggings are Kitten Heels!

                                 Bag <-- sold out (similar)

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