7 Mar 2017

Where them white Shoes at? | Last Mexico Post

White shoes have always been a difficult part of fashion... every time they're spotted on an influencer, model or celebrity people start to copy it and trends develop, that's no news, but have you ever noticed how critical people are towards everything white (fashion wise!) at first? Remember about three to four years ago, when the white sneaker trend really started to kick in (literally...)? A lot of people thought they looked like hospital shoes...
or last year, when people like Kendall Jenner started to wear white heels, which then turned into a wave of people and designers featuring not only white pumps but also boots? They were reserved for the very brave sort of fashion girl only, but are starting to turn into the chic version of a white sneaker...so what is it about white shoes that makes us jump back at first but in the end turn out to be irresistible?
I guess it's the brightness and cleanness of the colour, first of all they literally attract dirt and it requires quite a lot to keep them clean. And second I think it's the brightness itself that frightens people to wear white shoes...
So to avoid the bright-white-cheap-bride shoe style, I would suggest you to wear your white pumps or ankle boots with washed out denim, which will immediately increase the coolness of your outfit and make you look modern and relaxed yet chic, at the same time, thanks to your white shoes!
When I found these vintage Vivian Westwood heels in a closet at home in Mexico I immediately thought of this trend. This is btw my last Mexico post, which of course was shooted in front of my favourite pink wall :)

Jacket - Vintage (similar)

-X, Maria

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