9 Mar 2017

The Vetmenomenon 2.0

Less than a year ago I introduced you to a brand called Vetements, that launched only three years ago, which then was still a growing brand known and worn among fashion insiders only...but look at them now,
seven months later and they've reached more than Abercrombie-store-queue status! 
The reason for this quick rise is, as I told you in my last post concerning this brand, the rebellion and reinvention of fashion rules.
Like their previous collections, this A/W17 collection consisted of new & never before seen takes on modern street style. But as this brand just calls for SURPRISE (not only in the designs), Gvasalia found inspiration in social media and what people around him were wearing, this somehow resulted in his show (drum rolls please!) being opened by a gray haired lady wearing an elegant purple dress and fur coat...this brand associated with youth & reinvention surprised by using tools which elsewhere might seem as not so new and "cool". But that controversy is exactly what makes it so cool (and the fact that the items themselves are limited edition, like the vintage fur coat...). But don't despair if you are a fan of the iconic hoodies and cut off-re-done Jeans, because they too made it into his latest collection :)

The outfit I'm wearing today is head to toe Vetements inspired, the puffer jacket made an appearance in all shapes and colours in his collection, just like the Jeans (which btw are from H&M and are one of the BEST designer-remakes I have ever seen!), which have already become the brands very own signature design. The Shoes and zipper-jumper did not appear like this in his show, but totally have a Vetements flair to them ;) 
And of course I just had to shoot this look at a DHL package centre....


-X, Maria

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