3 Mar 2017

Never say never...

...at least when it concerns fashion, because you know what they say:

Never say never, because you'll be wearing never in two years time!

only now it was more like two months rather than years :) What I mean are the overkness, remember how I told you, that you should never ever ever even think about wearing your overkness with a leather skirt? (If not click >here<)
If I think about that now, I couldn't agree more to this statement, just think about mom jeans, overalls or even considering hoodies as high fashion.

And now let's get to one item, that might not be one where you would have once said: "I'll definitely never wear that!", but is still a slight newcomer that is making it's way though to become a new kind of off-shoulder phenomenon, the STATEMENT SLEEVES. It's not the newest trend on the market but definitely worth a second glance and perfect for adding that special little something to your everyday outfit!

Boots (similar)

-X, Maria

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