22 Mar 2017

Life (& Fashion Trend) Update

Hi everyone!
It's been quite a while since I last started a post like that... today I want to start with a short "Life Update" Post because I've noticed that you like those very much :)
As you know I returned from Mexico about three weeks ago,
since that I've been very busy with my new internship, I didn't tell you about it sooner because I wanted to be 100% sure that I would get it, but here I am now in my third week as an editorial Intern at the online Magazine fizzymag.com. To keep it short, I'm having a great time doing what I love, looking up fashion news and trends all day long!!! 

So now you know what I'll be doing for the future three months, after that I'm headed to Norway (read more >> here).
But let me get to something much more interesting, THIS OUTFIT...
If you would ask me what inspired me to create this, I would say it's a mixture of on the spot creativity with on-trend-items and the urge of staying warm while shooting... but first, let me update you on some of the latest fashion trends: the Mom Jeans are definitely still your go-to choice when it comes to jeans this season (remember to always wear your top tucked-in, to define your waistline!). Another trend I've noticed skulking around social media is earrings, well I've been wearing mine since 99 you might think now, but it all lies in the detail, it's all about wearing your earrings on one side only, or different ones on each side. This actually looks so much cooler than it sounds - promise!
Then there is the thing about my Chanel ribbon, which I spontaneously turned into a hair band (because I forgot the actual one at home) and I've ever since spotted it on social media, now I'm not saying I was the first one to come up with this (genius) idea but to be honest, it's pretty cool...
The next trend forecast, which will definitely last until fall (see AW17 shows of Off- White or Altuzarra) is the "grandpa suit", all you need for that is a slightly oversized blazer, preferably a checked one and you're good to go!
Now put 'em together and what have you got? The perfect take on a modern 2017-outfit.

Knit (Vintage)

-X, Maria

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