13 Mar 2017

How to wear glitter and metallics the right way

If you think of A/W 17 Fashion Week, one of the things that should pop into your mind and definitely made a HUGE appearance were metallics/ sparkles.Just think of the Chanel Space Ship Show or the so often social media shared Saint Laurent Boots ( as seen on Rhianna!) .
Glittery Fashion has been a thing ever since the disco-glam 70's, this and metallics have been appearing ever since almost every single season.
But even though this is not such an unknown fabric, it still gets kind of tricky once we want to wear it...
so today I want to show you how to wear Metallics/ Glitter as a casual outfit, without looking like you just popped out of Unicorn-Rainbow-Land.
One thing you should have in mind is to always incorporate a very basic peace to your outfit, when wearing metallics, like a plain white shirt or a classic turtleneck. Another thing is not to fear the mix, which means that mixing metallics or glitter in one outfit can turn out looking good, like this outfit I'm wearing here, I am wearing a metallic skirt, bag and shoes... the third thing you should have in mind is to be confident about it, as long as you feel good with your sparkly attire you will look dashing whatever you're wearing!


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