28 Mar 2017

All-Black every Day || Favourite Boots

You know how we all start thinking: The temperatures are dropping....All black, everything black, the darker the better when we try to style our outfits
I don't know why we feel this sudden urge to go all emo-black, but if you think about it,
black is also considered a very chic and elegant colour (think of the LBD), so why don't we make the best out of our wintertime-greys and opt for an elevated head to toe black outfit. 
But wearing all black doesn't mean your ensemble will automatically look great. Every girl with a fashion plus (yes YOU) knows, that the trick lies in the detail, which means that you have to put an extra effort into your fabrics & forms.
You can for example switch up your go-to black skinnies with leather trousers to add an edge. If you decide to go rather basic with your shirt (like I did in this outfit), then you should definitely add a surprising touch through your accessories, by which I mean GO COMPLETELY CRAZY :) But remember, if you're going for this effortless head-to-toe black outfit, stick to these minimal guidelines and be sure to look dashing.


-X, Maria

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