28 Mar 2017

All-Black every Day || Favourite Boots

You know how we all start thinking: The temperatures are dropping....All black, everything black, the darker the better when we try to style our outfits
I don't know why we feel this sudden urge to go all emo-black, but if you think about it,

22 Mar 2017

Life (& Fashion Trend) Update

Hi everyone!
It's been quite a while since I last started a post like that... today I want to start with a short "Life Update" Post because I've noticed that you like those very much :)
As you know I returned from Mexico about three weeks ago,

20 Mar 2017

Where to shop Bridesmaid dresses | ad

As prom, wedding and party season is slowly approaching and we're all desperately looking for THE dress, which is supposed to make you look elegant but sexy at the same time and should make you stand out among the guests without steeling the main persons show... impossible? Well I found this website where you most probably will find the dress to wear to your prom, best friends wedding or any other special occasion (maybe even your own wedding)!

15 Mar 2017

The 2017 way of wearing Leggings | Fuseau Trousers

You know how I always tell you about trends that have been dominating social media and street style? Well this one is a "Trend", which has scarcely appeared on any of those.

13 Mar 2017

How to wear glitter and metallics the right way

If you think of A/W 17 Fashion Week, one of the things that should pop into your mind and definitely made a HUGE appearance were metallics/ sparkles.Just think of the Chanel Space Ship Show or the so often social media shared Saint Laurent Boots ( as seen on Rhianna!) .
Glittery Fashion has been a thing ever since the disco-glam 70's, this and metallics have been appearing ever since almost every single season.
But even though this is not such an unknown fabric, it still gets kind of tricky once we want to wear it...

9 Mar 2017

The Vetmenomenon 2.0

Less than a year ago I introduced you to a brand called Vetements, that launched only three years ago, which then was still a growing brand known and worn among fashion insiders only...but look at them now,

7 Mar 2017

Where them white Shoes at? | Last Mexico Post

White shoes have always been a difficult part of fashion... every time they're spotted on an influencer, model or celebrity people start to copy it and trends develop, that's no news, but have you ever noticed how critical people are towards everything white (fashion wise!) at first? Remember about three to four years ago, when the white sneaker trend really started to kick in (literally...)? A lot of people thought they looked like hospital shoes...

3 Mar 2017