16 Feb 2017

The One-Shoulder Top | The 2017 Off-Shoulder Blouse

Many months and endless debates later, there finally is a result: the Off-Shoulder Blouse Trend is officially over (not completely forbidden to wear though... I couldn't bear to say goodbye to my beloved OSB!) but don't disappear, because I guess there are many people out there that have fallen in love with that subtle way of showing skin and this year a whole new way of doing that has showed up!
Instead of wearing Off-Shoulder Blouses, where both shoulders are exposed, this year it's all about showing only one of them, sounds familiar? That's because this trend was already oh so hot in the 80's & 90's (which are having a huge comeback this year!). Like many trends, they spread very fast, especially through social media but with this one you will definitely be ahead of everyone else. And you won't even have to wait till spring because like everything else in todays fashion: you can layer it! for example on top of a simple white T-shirt. There are also different variations of the one-shoulder top, flowery ones like mine, long sleeved ones, ruffled ones... really, there is something for everyone!
So head to the stores or search your own stacked cloths and be among THE FIRST to wear this trend:)


Blouse (bought on a local Mexican market)

-X, Maria

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