10 Feb 2017

The Mexican Basket it Bag

There is no better way to incorporate this spring/ summer 2017's key trends of statement stripes & super brights than...
This Mexican basket bag !

If you've ever been to Mexico, I'm sure that you stumbled upon one of these gorgeous handmade bags at least once! They are not only very colourful & bright but will also add a nice edge to your modern-city-proof outfit and remind you of warm far away lands and tanned legs... For better results style them with pale jeans or a blouse in one of the colours seen on the bag. My personal favourite add-on is an ankle-long coat, which will definitely make your basket bag be the centre piece of your entire outfit.

Of course I love the whole bright and colourful thing about the bag but what makes me especially proud to wear it, is that it's Mexican! I don't want to get too deep into politics here, but let me just say, that I think that it's very important in such changing a world as the one we live in today, to be proud of our roots, culture and country while trying to connect and unify with the rest of the world!

-X, Maria

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