26 Feb 2017

My current Crush-List || Pink Walls, Metallics & Mexico

I am currently having a huge crush on three things:
1. Pink Walls
2. Metallics
3. Mexico
And I'm going to talk about these three mentioned above in todays post!
First the Pink Wall...
I've always liked colourful and bright walls (especially for pictures) but lately I've been obsessed with one kind only, which if you follow me on Instagram is impossible to oversee: Pink!!! Don't ask me why but it's just this thing I'm going through right now, so I'm sorry if both my Insta-feed and the Blog are covered with pink these weeks.

Let's get to number 2 on my current crush-list, Metallics. This trend does not seem likely to vanish in the near future, just look at how long it has remained popular, especially around social media. So if you want to be part of this mega-trend, let me give you the instructions on the metallic-beginner-kit, what you need is a pair of metallic ankle boots, a metallic skirt (mini or midi), add a metallic accessory and you're good to go!
Now the third and last point on my list, as you all know, I've been in Mexico since December and as always I've had such an amazing time with spontaneous and not so spontaneous trips, sun, my social work at the primary school and with my family...but all things come to an end eventually and it's time to go back to Germany. I'm leaving this evening with mixed feelings, as one part of me is really looking forward to be in Hamburg for more than a week but the other part is extremely sad and would much rather stay here forever... but like always it's not a goodbye, it's a see you soon. This time I don't know for sure when I'll be back in Mexico, but I am already looking forward to it :)


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