1 Feb 2017

LIFE UPDATE || Mexico, Hamburg, Norway & more

 How are you guys? I think it’s time for a new LIFE UPDATE post! What do you think? The last time I updated you on the happenings of my life was before coming to Mexico, and there are a few mentionable things that have happened since then. Well, as you all know,
I stayed in Hamburg for about two weeks after returning from Bordeaux and Tokio, which was really nice as I had the opportunity to meet friends and get into a proper christmas feeling!!! Then it was time to head to Mexico where I had an amazing pre-post-christmas time with my entire family from both Norway and Mexico. I normally used to spend my summer vacation in Mexico, and I can not remember the last time I was here during christmas time… but let me tell you, so far it has been reeeeeaaaalllyy nice! 
Over NYE we did a tour around the south of Mexico (many of my previous posts where taken there!) and I got to know quite a lot of new Mexican areas I didn’t know before. After that, almost everyone left and went back to Europe but I stayed and have been here since. This last month has been sort of a planning/holiday month, where I finished several University applications, worked a lot on the blog, read a LOT of books, looked for internships and found a social work at a local school that I will work on this month. After that I will probably return to Hamburg where I will stay about three months (I will tell you more about my plans for this time in a future post!) and then I’m headed to Norway to spend the summer like last year. After that, comes a huuuuge step, which I’m really looking forward to: UNIVERSITY!!!! Where? I don’t know yet, but I’m super excited and am only waiting on the results of my applications, so I’ll let you know as soon I know ;)
So for now I have quite a lot of plans for this year and I’m really looking forward to all of them! 


complete outfit: Zara

-X, Maria

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