23 Feb 2017

Faux or not Faux, that is the question

We've all been at that point, when our classic winter coat just feels worn out and might even seem boring...
that is the moment when we all long for something new and sophisticated, like a fur coat!
But as every time that this topic is even mentioned, there is this one question (or doubt) to be answered: should I Faux Fur or go Real? 
To be honest, I bought a Real Fur coat once, which I totally love and still use for special occasions. It was Vintage, though that's not really an excuse... but to put it like this, I wouldn't buy a new Fur coat today! 
And what makes Faux Fur so much better a choice in my opinion is the variety of colours and patterns, like this one, that I'm wearing in this Post; and there are many more options, like one that I showed you here on the Blog a long time ago with several different colours. But also think of all the money you'll safe by choosing Faux Fur!
As a conclusion I think everyone should choose for themselves whether to Faux or not, but either way, both options will lead to an extremely elegant and sophisticated looking winter outfit :)

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