20 Feb 2017

An unexpected Way to show off your Feet

If I'm obsessed with something, then it must be with these Kitten Heeled folded shoes!!!!
Not only because of the extremely modern design, of the folded back ( as seen on several Gucci Loafers throughout the last season ) but also the cool as hell Zebra-like pattern. Could there  be a better way to substitute the long known leo-print? 
- I guess not.
Throughout the last couple of years designers have tried to invent new and unexpected
ways of showing skin (while cleavage & legs might even be kept completely covered!!!)  think of Off-Shoulder Blouses, One-Shouldered Blouses, cut outs, see through fabric (especially cool on workout leggings!!!!) and many more. So why don't we try to focus on a body part, which for most people, me included, is known to be one of the unsexiest and weirdest parts of the human body: feet! We're used to covering and uncovering them with beautifully designed shoes and sandals, that's no news, but have you ever thought of uncovering your heels only?? Before the viral explosion of the Gucci Loafer I guess no one even dared to think of that, but now...why not?
I totally support this new refreshing look, both fashion and foot wise.


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