14 Feb 2017

A new Era of MBT

Hey Everyone!

I'm writing this post for two reasons...
first because I want to thank you for following me and sticking around for what is almost THREE YEARS?!?!? I don't tell you very often, but let me just say that it makes me extremely happy to see that this little community has started to grow a lot these past few months and that more and more of you have started to read and follow my opinion in this huge world of fashion. As a result of this growth I've decided to take a step, a step that I've been debating about inside my head for quite a long time; but now I've finally  decided:

MBT has got it's own domaine!!!

It might not seem exciting but it's kind of a huge step for me, I even came to a point a few days ago where I thought about changing the Blog's name, into something like Stylestaker, Stylescrapbook or The Blonde Salad. I thought I also needed a blog name, but then again I have one that is very personal and what can describe me better than my own name, right? 
So I've made a decision, MBT stays MBT; the only thing that changes is the name of the URL, which will from now on be:

-X, Maria

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